CPR/AED/First Aid or BLS Instructor Course (pre-course requirements apply) - see PDF Price/Info. Sheet
Let us provide your CPR instructor certification. When children, co-workers or Healthcare Providers are under your care, it's become incredibly important to have the lifesaving skills that our company offers. Take our AHA BLS Instructor or Heartsaver CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor 1-10 person 3 Phase training and start teaching your employees these lifesaving techniques so your company can become self sufficient in your certification requirements.

BLS or Heartsaver Instructor Price Sheet

Equipment and Materials Checkout List

Water Safety (WSI) or Lifeguard Instructor Course (pre-course requirements apply) - $375 per person plus pool fees
Learn how you can certify to teach swim lessons to any age kids and adults by taking the Water Safety Instructor (WSI) course. Your WSI certification course will allow you to teach and certify a variety of water safety courses. Also you can learn how to train and certify lifeguards for your facility by taking the Lifeguard Instructor Course. Learning to do teach others is a great asset to have in your skill set and will help you keep your basic skills fresh as well.  **Lifeguard Instructors will be required to attend a mandatory  1 day re-certification training to keep the certification valid ** (this training will also include the basic lifeguard certification if needed)