Wilderness & Remote First Aid - $145 per person
For a class of eight-to-ten students, this class must have the required amount of students to hold it. Class starts on a Friday night (four hours), all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. If you do not have your Adult CPR/AED, add $45 to the price and add Thursday night to the class as well. The cost for the Instructor Certification is $235 per person PLUS the $35 card fee.

Emergency Medical Response (EMR) - $470 per person
 The EMR Instructor Course is $625 per person PLUS the $35 card fee.

Babysitter Training Boot Camp Pizza & Slumber Party - $125 per person
This Babysitter Training slumber party boot camp for five people includes two pizzas, sodas, and certification cards (Babysitter Training (no expiration date). If you want to add CPR/AED/First Aid  (valid for 2 years) you will receive a discount on a future class if you take it within 30 days of the completion of babysitter training. Students will use materials during the class session and be able to download the materials from Red Cross website for free.